Check SSL certificate expiry via shell script

openssl s_client -servername NAME -connect HOST:PORT 2>/dev/null | openssl x509 -noout -dates

Password generator for memorable passwords

Like any good paranoid netizen I use a password manager to create unique passwords for each website, the problem that I have with unique passwords is that if you need to remember them for any period of time (even 20 seconds) while you type the password somewhere (because copy and paste is not supported for some reason) then it’s nearly impossible to do so!

I have also cracked my fair share of passwords in this day and age and know the passwords patterns / rules used to create an extended wordlist based on how people create passwords, eg. YourPetName2017. So what do we need? We need dictionary words, completely random, at least four of them and with a space separator plus numbers and symbols. So by utilising this methodology we get the website:

So I ask you which is easier to remember for 20 seconds:
?02-dollar-space-french-25? OR shegh3xohzu4ahjaekiik%eiqu#u

Oh and bookmark that website! :-)