Crack SHA512crypt ($6$) with John the Ripper with Native OpenMPI multi-threading

JtR now natively supports multi-threading through the OpenMPI interface. All the code is right there in the jumbo version of JtR all you need to do is install OpenMPI and un comment the lines of code in the makefile. Now you can crack SHA512crypt passwords with all cores.

Alright lets get started:

yum install openmpi
tar -zxvf john-1.7.9-jumbo-6.tar.gz
cd john-1.7.9-jumbo-6/src

Now we need to edit Makefile and uncomment the ‘OpenMP’ lines.

vi Makefile

and uncomment the following line as per below:

# gcc with OpenMP
#OMPFLAGS = -fopenmp
OMPFLAGS = -fopenmp -msse2
# Sun Studio with OpenMP (set the OMP_NUM_THREADS env var at runtime)
#OMPFLAGS = -xopenmp
# icc with OpenMP (for make target linux-x86-64-icc)
#ICCOMPFLAGS = -openmp

now compile and run as per normal noticing that you now have 100% cpu usage!

Delete certain messages from Postfix Queue

Ever had some alerting software spam your production mail queue with 1000’s of alerts?
And you dont want to delete every message individually…

Here is the solution to delete all messages destined for

mailq | tail -n +2 | grep -v '^ *(' | 
gawk 'BEGIN {RS = ""} / {print $1}' | 
tr -d '*!' | postsuper -d - 

Thanks to for that one!

Samhain - POLICY NODIRECTORY explained

This was a tricky one. I kept getting alerts for:

CRIT   :  [2012-07-09T23:40:34+1000] msg=<POLICY NODIRECTORY>, path=</var/log>
-----END MESSAGE-----

And for the life of me wasn’t sure why but after reading the source code the cause is explained:

{ MSG_FI_NODIR, N_("File found where directory was expected"), IDMEF_IMPACT_TYPE_FILE },

And you know what it was correct! /var/log was a softlink to /data/logs!

Download Adobe Flash Player MSI LINK

Need to deploy Adobe Flash via Group Policy? Well here is the link to the MSI file required for deployment.
MSI File and reference page

Goodbye Wordpress - Hello Flatpress

Finally wordpress got the best of me. My VPS having only 128 MB RAM and Wordpress wanting lots of RAM, I have moved blogging programs to Flatpress. This should simplify my Tomoyo rule-set and speed up page loads (maybe)