How to use the new Snapchat video chat/call function

First things first: Update to the latest Snapchat.
Then in the main Snapchat window where you view sent and delivered messages, select a name and swipe / drag the name to the right. This takes you to the ‘chat’ window.

From here you can chat per normal using the return button on your keyboard to send the message - not the the yellow button.
Clicking the yellow button allows you to send a pic or video within the chat session (kind of like normal snapchat).
The key feature is once both users are ‘active’ within the chat session, the yellow button becomes blue.

Now hold the blue button and it will now send them your video stream, they just need to hold their blue button down also, and now you have video calling!!

Make sure your volume is up (and so is theirs) and chat away.

You can also move your held down thumb to the top half of the screen and the camera will change to the rear camera. Move your thumb back down to the bottom half of the screen and your back to the front facing camera!

Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.0.06 offline installer link

These posts were pretty popular when I used to do them so I’ll try keep them updated:

Download the full Adobe Acrobat Reader installer EXE here: … beRdr11006_en_US.exe

No bloatware either!